We all love zombies, don’t we? With the popularity of The Walking Dead, Plants vs Zombies and all other zombie-related content these days, I’m guessing a lot of people love fantasizing about the idea of surviving a zombie apocalypse. Enter Rooftop Survivor. This is our very own version of a Zombiepocalypse. Swarms of zombies (square faced and cute too!) walk towards you while you sit on a rooftop and plan your next shot. Your shots are limited so the more you hit with one shot, the better. You can bank your shots to hit more zombies at the same time, this’ll save you bullets and maximize your reload time.

The idea for Rooftop Survivor came from Jed and James’ passion for airsoft guns. We were talking about it one day and they came up with the idea of a casual game where you get to shoot stuff using banking techniques. We developed a quick prototype, played through it and decided to pursue it. We made Rooftop Survivor really casual so that you can play it at ease, and without pressure. After all, our mission at Popsicle Games is to create fun games for everyone.
Rooftop Survivor is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store!