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How making video games made me happier

Before co-founding Popsicle Games, I also had another startup called Pixelkit. And in this startup, our main line of business was making mobile apps and websites for clients. Although, when we founded Pixelkit, one of the startup’s long-term goals was to make mobiles games and doing these projects for clients was just one of the […]

Our group shot together while on the set of Future Perfect w/ Mr. Velasquez (in grey suit)

Our Journey so far

It’s been 9 months since we put up Popsicle Games and it’s been a tough (but fun) ride. We managed to release 9 games (our 9th game, Kong Want Banana just came out!) but more than that, we’ve learned a ton about the local and global mobile gaming industry. Looking back, minus the revenue, everything has […]

Vote Clicker

7 Tips from a Vote Clicker PRO

Meet Manny. He’s a casual gamer and spends a lot of time gaming on his mobile device. He stumbled upon Vote Clicker about a week ago and said he couldn’t put it down because he thinks its a great way to support his Presidential bid. He finds Vote Clicker really neat and he continuously campaigns […]

Vote Clicker notification

Types of Vote Clicker Players. Which one are you?

It’s been a week since Vote Clicker officially launched and we now have a good number of players consistently logging on and playing the game to support their candidates. So what’s your game strategy? Below are the types of players we’ve encountered during our launch week and we’re sharing their tactics with you. The Casual […]

Join our team!

Join our team!

We are very passionate in making games and we’re looking for more people to join our team! Think you’re qualified? Apply now! Game Developer (full-time) Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree , Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent. Passionate about technology and gaming Familiarity with Unity, Corona SDK/LUA Familiarity with Android/iOS native programming Familiarity with HTML, PHP […]


Every vote counts in Vote Clicker!

I still remember that Tuesday lunch when we gorged over our Lechon sandwiches while discussing. Our topic was about what could be our next “potential” project, while we were also wrapping up our new mobile game that time. Election was the hype that week for some reason so we talked about our Presidential candidates and […]