Everybody loves an ice popsicle or two, right? The idea behind Popsicle Games is to create exciting mobile games that provide byte-sized casual fun. Games that you can pick up and play anywhere, anytime. Games that are rewarding, interesting and brings a smile to everyone. Games that are colorful, impactful and provide tons of entertainment in a small package.
So who are we? Martin and I came up with the idea, then we invited James and Jed to hop on board and join in on the fun and thus, Popsicle Games was born. In the startup world, half the battle is finding a good team that complement’s each others skills and we’re glad that we were able to easily get past that. What’s exciting about what we do at Popsicle Games is our approach to game development. Our commitment is to create games in a 2-week time period–everything, from conceptualization to prototype to the final product. Without sacrificing gameplay and quality, of course. It has worked great for us so far, which is evident in our flagship title, All Aboard the Ark and our recent release, One Punch Hero. We have another game coming up, in time for Halloween and then a few more lined up in the next couple of months. The idea is not to release crappy, amateur-ish games every 2 weeks but instead challenge ourselves on how we can create an exciting and high quality mobile game in a 2 week timeframe, of course, while having fun.
We hope you can join us in our journey!