About Us

Popsicle Games is a Filipino indie game development studio dedicated at making byte-sized, casual fun games for mobile.

Martin and Erick had a lightbulb moment of forming the company, and James and Jed decided to make the light brighter later on. Thus, Popsicle Games was born on July 2015. The team’s debut game was All Aboard the Ark, followed by other titles which you can play anywhere and anytime. Popsicle Games currently has produced a number of mobile games, each with a different genre and feel to it.

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The Team

Martin (Co-Founder)

Carl Martin or simply Martin sometimes experiences an artist’s block as he is the head of the concept art for Popsicle Games. Video editing and making game trailers are also his forte. Despite having over 20 years of gaming experience, he has never ever beaten nor finished the first Super Mario Bros. game.

James (Co-Founder)

Assigned to the boring (but crucial) stuff, James is Popsicle Games’s marketing and business developer. He also serves as the human resource person and the administrator for the company.

Jed (Co-Founder)

The art guy. See also: Design lead. Jed is in charge of creating awesome character and background designs for the company’s games. Jed also serves as the project coordinator of Popsicle Games. The company’s super cool headquarters is located just across his house. Jed secretly dreams of competing in the Evo fighting game tournament.

Erick (Co-Founder)

Got something strange in your mobile game? Let’s call Erick! The team’s technical lead, Erick holds the responsibility of leading the development team. Aside from being a co-founder in Popsicle Games, Erick is also the founder of Kuyi Mobile, a Filipino game studio. He prefers to play on the go, enjoys competitive gaming and loves Hearthstone to bits.

Abby (Designer)

With her magical hands, Abby creates wonderful digital (and traditional) art suited for our mobile games. She also helps out on the game marketing side by editing graphics for our social media accounts. In time, Abby aspires to be as cool as Overwatch’s Ana Amari.

Vonn (Game Developer)

Vonn is our man when it comes to putting together all finished elements and assets of the game. If-then statements? Check. Codes? Check. Unknown to many, Vonn has never played the popular Nintendo games The Legend of Zelda and Metroid.

Kristine (Digital Marketing Specialist)

The newbie in the crew, Kristine is in charge of handling Popsicle Games’s social media accounts. She thinks of ways on how to spread the word about the company’s amazing mobile games. She’s been around the cosplay community for over seven years but has only cosplayed two game characters so far.