Fight and learn what you can to survive. Welcome to your Darkest Nightmare.


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  • TAKE PART IN THE QUEST! Join Gerde in her mission to rebuild the Academy
  • CREATE MAGIC SPELLS! Form runic gestures inside the magic circle to cast sorcery.
  • CLASH WITH MONSTERS! Face kill-hungry beasts one after another.
  • COLLECT AND REFINE! Refining lumina crystals would produce pieces which you can use to rebuild the Academy.
  • ENTER A WORLD OF DARKNESS! Clear up levels to unlock more puzzling areas in the map.

After several months of developing, Popsicle Games is delighted to announce a new game coming to your mobile phones! Embark on a journey with Gerde, the sole surviving magician who’s out on a mission to bring back her beloved Academy. It won’t be an easy journey, however, as monsters of the unknown will try to put an end to her. Magic will be Gerde’s only ally. Will she make it?


Darkest Nightmare is now available for Android and will soon be ready for download on iOS.

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