The industry of game development is coming slowly to a rise. A recent study shows an estimated number of 65,678 direct employees working for the American video game industry as of 2016. (Entertainment Software Association, 2017)

The numbers are expected to increase this year. With that being established, courageous people have decided to pursue the game development career. Now the question is… “Where do I start?”

Here are three tips that Vonn, our studio’s game developer, came up with.


1. Be careful with your scope

Ah, the first step — planning. Vonn advises budding game developers to give extra care when it comes to the extent of the game you want to make.


Make a game viable for your team.

It should be realistic and achievable. If you’re a solo developer then make sure you’re taking the development process to something that you can chew to small pieces. Simply put, your game idea should be balanced to the number of your team members.



Here you can see our co-founders, Jed and Erick, discussing Mighty Alpha Droid’s concept to our interns.


Your goal must be to “Get something built ASAP.”

Keep this in mind — make a playable build as soon as you can. From there you can test the game and see what else is lacking. With this you can improve and continue on with the game development process.

A test build of Mighty Alpha Droid, showing borrowed assets from the platformer game, Megaman.

A test build of Mighty Alpha Droid, showing borrowed assets from the platformer game, Megaman.


Keep it simple

You don’t need to be all grand. Some hit games in the market are plain as a vanilla ice cream when it comes to art and design. Remember that a good game mechanic can make up for your insufficiencies in the art department.


2. Don’t go into your first game with a specific idea


Learn what you can do and design around it

Self-assessment is key. What areas in development are you knowledgeable about? If this is an RPG, these will be your base skills. Work around them and keep on allotting more experience points as you progress in your game dev.     


Watch/read tutorials

With the help of internet today, almost everything has become accessible. Game development is not an exception to this. There’s no shame in watching or reading supplementary materials that can shed light to some things that you still do not know of.           

Don’t be afraid of coding

 I’m not one to speak since whenever I see the code our programmer Vonn works on, I make a what-is-this-complicated-stuff face. I can’t help it, from afar coding looks so complex. But he actually encourages us to try coding, that anyone can do it even if you’re not familiar in the IT area. Logic plays a big role in this task so be sure to practice your if-then statements!


Design your games around your skill

If you’re good at drawing and editing then you might as well produce the graphics needed for your build. On the contrary, assign yourself to write codes if you are talented in programming (Javascript, C++,


3. Don’t Give Up

We know, it sounds as cliche as someone telling you “Good luck!” but you must keep in mind that this is the most important  tip that we could give you. Game development is not as simple as saying “I want to make a game.” and it definitely isn’t as easy as a snap of the fingers. Making your first game most likely is not an overnight process. We advise you to brew lots of patience and to never give up.


Drawing some art for your game? Turn those line arts into awesome assets!

Writing code? Keep on typing. (And don’t forget to find the bugs!)



The gist is to keep going, no matter how hard the whole process turns out to be. A lot of things in life may slow you down like financial, emotional, and mental problems. The important thing is to keep holding on to your game dev dream and complete that first game, just like how we did ours!