It’s been 9 months since we put up Popsicle Games and it’s been a tough (but fun) ride. We managed to release 9 games (our 9th game, Kong Want Banana just came out!) but more than that, we’ve learned a ton about the local and global mobile gaming industry. Looking back, minus the revenue, everything has been positive so far.

We learned to work more seamlessly as a team. Though revenues are close to nil, we had so much fun creating the games we wanted and continuously honed our team and skillsets. I personally believe we have developed a solid process that allows us to work fast and churn out quality titles even faster.

We realized that local games don’t make money and will not sustain us. We have to think global even though we are based in Manila.

We learned that while media presence is good for Popsicle Games‘ track record, it’s not a guarantee for success (or downloads). Our recent games, Vote Clicker and Vote Clicker VP Edition were featured on Manila Bulletin, ABS-CBN and a number of other local channels during the past month but we only got a handful of downloads. But it’s still fun to see our games on local TV!

We learned to pivot and rethink our monetization strategies. We now think of each game as a “startup” by itself and has to have a different business model from our other titles.

Did I say revenue is almost nil? To be precise, we’ve been getting positive revenue since the start of 2016. No more $0 days. Hey, it’s a good start, right? But yeah, it’s a tough time in the gaming industry.

We realized that we need a full-time marketing person. Someone who’s more adept at copywriting, analyzing data and more focused on producing marketing content.

Overall I would say it’s not bad given what we’ve learned for the past 9 months but we definitely need to step up our game from here on. If anything, we are better equipped now than when we first started so I guess there’s no way but up!

Thank you to everyone who’s been with us from the start! More fun titles coming out from Popsicle Games soon!