Gerde Matuska was part of a group of magicians who were out on a search to banish all the monsters wreaking havoc on neighbouring towns.

The monsters were getting a lot stronger day by day but by rotten luck, Gerde was the only survivor in the group.

Armed with all the powers she learned from her mentors, Gerde hesitatingly continues with her journey even if it means she has to do everything on her own now.


Popsicle Games is (finally) launching its dark fantasy/action horror game, Darkest Nightmare!

The game follows Darkest Light, another Popsicle Games title which shares a similar dark theme. Darkest Nightmare continues its tradition of dark, monochromatic art but introduces a unique free-form style of gameplay. Attack enemy monsters by casting spells. A combination signifies more powerful attacks! Keep on traversing the path and you’ll encounter the creature-who-shall-not-be-named.

What lies further beyond is a mystery to all living souls.


Darkest Nightmare is available on Android and iOS.