We’ve all been there: slow day in the office, your tasks are complete ahead of schedule and you need some distraction to help you keep stimulated so you don’t die of boredom. Or sometimes, you just need to take a quick break from the stresses of work. Video games could be the answer to your problems! But which game to play? Don’t worry, as someone who makes games and often take videogame breaks,  I’ve hand picked 3 games that provide enough distraction for you to play in the workplace.


Hades’ Star

Hades’ Star is basically a management game, with a bit of combat, all set in outer space. I’m a bit biased towards the theme since I love space games! Since the game is set in space, it makes sense that there is a bit of a distance when trading between planets, so most of the time, you’d be queuing up transport ships, plotting their destinations, and waiting for a few minutes until they get to their destinations.



Be forewarned though, that this game is really a slow burn. Hades’ Star revolves around waiting and delayed gratification. If you need to build, upgrade and unlock artifacts (the game’s version of chests), all of them can take a bit of time to be completed. On the flipside, this is the perfect game for you if you like a game that’s not really action-focused (but there is some combat if you want a change of pace). You gain satisfaction by progressing with credits and leveling up your fleet over a period of time.


This is my current go to game while I’m at work or even while at home watching a few shows on Netflix. It’s a great game that doesn’t really demand too much of your attention while you play and you can leave it a few hours and come back to it at anytime.


Available for both iOS and Android


Idle Space

Another game set in Space! I know I know, the bias is real, but hear me out! Idle Space is basically an idle / clicker game where you tap a lot on the screen to produce some cool missile attacks! when you earn enough money you can start upgrading different components of your spaceship (weapons, hull, abilities).



What I like about the game is that it has the theme of a “Shoot `em up” (SHMUP), similar to the classic games like Gradius or Galaga. I’ve always wanted to get into this kind of game, but the difficulty of it always made me stopped playing immediately. This game basically satisfies my frustration of the SHMUP genre and the graphics and effects are really cool to look at!

Like any other idle game, you really don’t need any mental work to play, just a few decisions here and there on what to upgrade or which skills to use. You can basically play a few minutes and leave it off while it earns a few credits for you then you can come back and start upgrading stuff again.


Available for both iOS and Android


Smashy Duo

To be honest, I really don’t have a genre for this kind of game, but I’m really loving it for its simplicity and addictiveness. Smashy Duo is a game of timing and hand eye coordination. You must bounce a ball or projectile (depending on the characters!) and have to keep bouncing it from the left or right side of the screen. Timing is critical! If you miss the tap, it’s game over.


I love the graphics and how everything is animated in the game. The characters that you can also unlock are pretty cool. Obvious parodies of famous duos like Mario and Luigi, Ryu and Ken and the likes.


It’s a really good game pick up and play if you need to take a short break but want to be distracted with something. Another added bonus is that there is a sense of progress since you can keep playing for keys to unlock the next chest


Available for both iOS and Android


So there you have it! 3 games that you can start playing during your downtime at work. If you like these kinds of posts let me know in the comment section so I can look for more games that you guys can play while at the office! Have fun and enjoy your work week!