Solitaire is an easily playable game with a minimum requirement of one player (yourself!) and a standard 52-card deck. Here are 7 trivias that you probably didn’t know about this card game!


The word solitaire comes from Latin solitarius

The word’s etymology can be traced back to the Latin and French language. Solitarius comes from two separate words: solitas and solus. Solitas means isolation and solus means alone or separated from others. By the 18th century, the word developed into solitaire, the English word we know today.

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Microsoft’s Solitaire PC game is now 28 years old.

Ever explored your Windows PC’s default installed games? As early as the year 1989, Solitaire can be played in Windows 3.0 OS. Back then it had a simple solid green background and a changeable design of cards.


Another name for Solitaire is Patience

If you’re going to hit “card games” on Google, the first result would be the game “Patience.” Did you know that this was another name for Solitaire? Most Americans know the game by solitaire but over in England it is popularly known as Patience. Different countries have a different term for the game. Réussite (direct translation success) in French, kabal(e) or kabala in Polish, Norweigan, and Icelandic, and pasjans in Polish.


Solitaire may have been used for fortune-telling

Ancient hearsays tell that the popular card game may have been a tool for reading one’s future.


The four aces are laid in the middle of the board, their significations being: hearts, loved; diamonds, courted; clubs, married; and spades, single blessedness… If you finish off all your cards on one of the ace packets, it shows what your fate will be; but if your cards work off on your neighbours’ packets, the oracle is veiled, and your fortune remains untold.


Do you see some tarot-reading similarities?


The term “foundation” is essential to the game

Most of the time, solitaire rules would require the player to build up a pile. This is the foundation. Usually, the objective of solitaire is to move all the cards into the foundation.


There are professional solitaire players

Yes, it’s a thing! Esports isn’t news to us but professional solitaire players? They can earn up to $250,000 in a year on online competitions. Now where do I sign up?


There are probably more kinds of solitaire than all other card games together

Klondike and Canfield are the well-known kinds of solitaire worldwide. Then there’s classic, spider, pyramid, freecell, and mahjong solitaire! Other variants would include apps that are playable on mobile, such as Solitaire Dash. (8)

Solitaire Dash is a fast-paced game where the player needs to match and stack moving cards, all in one minute! It’s available for download on Android and iOS so you can play solitaire anywhere, anytime!