Recently we’ve launched our very own Popsicle Games community on the Discord program. We’ve learned a few things about our group, and so here we give you some points to ponder when making YOUR own community.

Everyone should engage!


Plan and allot content for your group! For us at Popsicle Games, different topics are talked about every day. It could be a throwback for Thursdays, general news on Mondays, and even gaming sessions every Friday night. The key is to find the topics that drive the most talks among your members.

Keep your name on top.

With a Discord chat room or any other rooms in general topics tend to go anywhere from food to Trump’s latest tweet. It’s nice to create a separate channel to funnel your own content that people can see from time to time. Keep your brand on top!


Identify what sets your Discord community apart from the rest.


Is it the people? The topics? The speedy replies? Know your server’s strengths and build up from there! At the Popsicle Games discord server, we offer constructive feedback for our game developer members in the games that they are building or doing a prototype on.

Join our community and let’s talk more about game development! Click here.