What is Unity Collaborate?

Our studio recently discovered a feature by game engine Unity. It is called Unity Collaborate, and it has greatly helped us on our recent projects so far.

Collaborate lets its users view and manage projects directly in Unity. Any change made is maintained and reverted, as it is cloud-enabled.

Jed, one of our studio’s co-founders, first found out about Unity Collaborate upon discussing it with other developers, while also reading about it on  game dev production articles. With this, our humble team decided to try it with a new game project.

The Pros

Interested in using Collaborate? Here we list down the advantages of this Unity feature.


  • Like Unity itself, Collaborate is TOTALLY FREE!
  • Artists can directly make changes to the project and see their assets in-game without needing developer intervention. It certainly cuts time in trying to give and take assets in between team!
  • Projects can be downloaded or pulled by anyone on the team for quicker testing and evaluation.
  • The project source is kept in the cloud and can serve as a backup.
  • It keeps track of past changes so that if we have a bug in the current version, we can easily find the root of the problem.
  • It gives developers ease of integrating codes with just a push of a button.
  • In comparison to Git, Collab is absolutely better than using no version control at all.

The Cons

Collaborate, however, has its flaws as experienced by our team.

giphy (1)

  •  Sometimes, instead of integrating a fellow dev’s code to your current code, Collaborate would give an error status for reasons unknown.
  •  Utmost care is needed in pushing new game versions as a rare bug can potentially overwrite your changes instead of merging them with a teammate’s changes.
  • In comparison to system software Git, it’s harder to specify which files should be included in an update as Collaborate pushes all changed files by default.
  • Unlike Git where devs can play and experiment with minor build changes, Unity Collab does not support branching.

In conclusion…

Popsicle Games highly recommends Collaborate to fellow game developers, especially if they’re developing with Unity. Collab greatly helps with time management and proficiency. The pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin.

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