Aside from making and playing games, the individuals here at Popsicle Games are always hungry for knowledge and new information. As a matter of fact, we have this tradition to show off presentations to each other every once in awhile, taking quite an educational break from development.


Just recently our multimedia artist, Abby, presented a topic that almost all of us people in the studio can understand — her presentation is about the things one can do to improve his/her work. Do note that the things she has enumerated would most likely be something artists can relate to, since that is her profession. Here are the things we’ve learned from her.


Build your visual library

“A visual library would be a collection of photos, painting, graphics, patterns, artwork and colors that could be kept in your head, in print, or digitally.” – Dave Nelson

Here’s something you can do before carrying out on your usual routine: build your visual library. This will be your “go to” when you’re about to start a new work. A visual library helps you to be aware of the latest trends or discover possible designs you can emulate. Personally Abby looks at Pinterest boards and pins images she finds visually appealing. The pinned photos assist her in conceptualizing and set the mood for whatever she intends to do for the rest of the day.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 11.31.37 AM

The Pinterest boards that Abby keeps.


Observe and analyze

All artists copy to some degree, but good artists don’t just copy blindly. Before copying the piece, you need to understand how it was made.

Doing so involves asking a lot of “whys” and trying to figure out the answer yourself. Let out your natural curious cat to understand why or how a certain art or design works.

Observe from nature itself. With observation, you can discover subtle things that help make a piece of art or design great.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 11.47.52 AM

Notice how every element of the art is pointing towards Overwatch hero Sombra? Check out the original art by John Polidora (


Learn Something New

Take it from us: brand new knowledge will make you feel great! Learn something that would greatly help to your work. 

If you’re an artist, do a background check on fields you haven’t touched up on such as rules of composition, how to combine font styles, lighting setups, and the like.

You can also take up any hobby or anything outside your field that interests you. Learn enjoyable things like archery or even cooking. Abby shared to us that she just started learning how to do her own make-up, and the experience actually helped her a lot especially in character design.


Never Forget the Basics!

Always remember: The basics are the backbone of everything.

Whenever you start something, you always go back to the principles and fundamentals you learned. Which is why even after being an artist for 17 years now Abby decided to take a workshop on Classical Drawing. This might be the biggest thing she did to improve her work and her art.



See more of Abby‘s works on the mobile game that all of us worked together on: Mighty Alpha Droid! She also has a Facebook and Instagram account where you can see the rest of her art pieces.


Keep this in mind: “If you always do what you always did – you’ll always get what you always got.” -Unknown