They say that an internship to the company or organization you’ve chosen to work with gives you a good idea on how the industry works overall. That’s why a lot of people who are interested in being an intern (most of the time consisting of undergraduates) pick out the field where they see themselves getting hired in the near future.


Teammates stick together: Red and Erick working out on the code for their game jam application.

Below is a transcript of my interview with Red, one of our current developer interns. He’s working with Naiza, his classmate and also a part of the Popsicle Games internship program. These two passionate individuals decided to spend their 350 university-required OJT hours with us. See what they have to say with their internship experience so far.


How did you find out about Popsicle Games?

I found out about it on our section’s Facebook group. Naiza, on the other hand, saw the intern posting on a developer group, where one of you guys posted. She’s known about the thing earlier than me but I was the one who applied first. I convinced her to pursue this internship since at that time Naiza was looking for a company. I was the only one in our block who pushed through with game desi– err game dev. She agreed because she likes game development too.

What made you apply to Popsicle Games?

Well.. I guess being in a state of panic made us apply because we were all looking for internships, and it was final exam season too… Other than that we were really attracted to the statement that was indicated in the post… Free coffee is one. We saw that this (Popsicle Games) is a fun place to spend our internship with, just from reading the post itself. We’ve also read your developer blog about your internship program on the Popsicle Games website. That’s why we were really attracted to apply.

Why did you choose our studio out of all the game dev studios out there?

At the time when we were looking for a company, there were other dev studios where I sent out my resume. These studios are a part of GDAP, or Game Developers Association of the Philippines. I failed to contact some of the people in the list, and I didn’t know if it would be possible to still push through with other companies. With Popsicle Games, I enjoyed the interview, even from just that I realized how fun the working environment is here. I did not hesitate to become an intern here.

What significant value or lesson did you learn during your stay here at our studio?

Maybe it’s the willingness in trying things. Because back then I’m kinda afraid to use other game engines. I’m used to using Java among all other things. Aside from my experience with Unity, it’s really my first time to work on the game engine Corona SDK. Because of this, I got accustomed to program in Corona, plus I also have experiences outside of work wherein I had to work with other game engines for the sake of hobby, which made me see how similar all they are. The skills I’ve learned here in Popsicle Games I have applied to other things, to other game engines that I’m working with right now.

From left to right: Erick, Red, Jed, and Colleen Trying out the mobile party game they’ve created on the studio’s game jam with the theme “pressure!”


What are the best moments that you had during your internship?

It’s usually when the work day is about to end and almost all of the people in the studio are watching the friendly and casual Tekken matches the co-founders are playing.


What usually happens on a laid-back afternoon following our team meetings, featuring the four co-founders: Jed, Erick, Martin, and James.

Compared to the working environment of our other blockmates’s internships, theirs are too strict, they are afraid to ask permission to do anything, while here the whole studio is very open, very welcome. I remember what sir (James) told me during the interview, which is “Do not be afraid to voice out your opinions.” which I did with the projects I am working with, even though sometimes I think I’m saying too much (laughs) but at least they still appreciate my opinions which I’m happy about.


Red and Abby racing against each other in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch.


Would you recommend others to do their internship with us?

I already did!  And I will keep on doing so to the kids who want to learn.


Pressure game jam team participants: Well-done!