There’s nothing more exciting that traveling to new places and seeing new sights. But if you’re like me, the part of the journey I would dread the most would always be the really long plane ride. Stuck inside a flying contraption for 12 hours. Luckily for us gamers, there are a lot of portable options now on how we consume our beloved hobby! But sometimes, we forget to prepare for the trip and this can be annoying!


Fear not! Flying a long-haul flight shouldn’t always be a pain in the butt. It should actually be enjoyable, moreso if you’re a gamer! Let me share you some tips that I have gathered over the years of traveling across the globe.


Prepare your device


The worst feeling in the world is when you have settled down on your seat with seatbelts properly fastened and your plane is ready for take off! So you get your handheld device ready for some marathon gaming, watching, reading or whatever and then you see that there’s some sort of update or the game you wanted to play badly hasn’t been download properly. Now you’re stuck for 12 hours with nothing to do.


Preparing for your trip is always essential. I know packing will take a lot of time, but making sure your handheld device (be it a portable console, smartphone / tablet, e-reader) is ready to use during the flight isequally important. A few days before your flight, just double check if your device is ready. With today’s OTA (Over The Air) updates and whatnot, you might get caught with an important update to your device or app that will not run unless you have updated. So just do a quick pass through with the apps, movies or games that you want to run and see if they’re all properly updated and working.


Hand-carry your chargers


Nowadays, airplanes, especially for long-haul flights, have outlets or USB ports that’s built into the seat. Make sure to hand-carry all the charging cables that you need. It would be best though if you can bring a charger that has multiple USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at once!


Have a backup plan


With all the preparations that you’ve made for your devices, sometimes it’s always best to remember Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. So make sure to have a secondary device, or even a printed book / magazine with you. It’s always better to over prepare  when your sanity is on the line!  




The most important tip I can give also is to make sure to relax during the flight. You brought all these things to entertain you for a reason and that reason is to have a relaxing journey. Getting to your destination in a relaxed state of mind is usually the best way to kick off your travels.


There you have it! Just some easy tips for the long-haul traveller! As a gamer, it’s really hard to find something that will entertain us for hours! I hope my tips will be able to help you out on your next trip! Game on and have fun!