Game developers today have a wide variety of game engines to choose from. Currently there are about 179 different engines to use for developing a game of your choice.

Out of all of the available engines, our studio Popsicle Games chose to stick with the recently-made-free cross platform game engine Corona. We have been using it ever since the team has been formed, and that was about 2 years ago.


Here are the reasons why we absolutely love Corona.



In contrast to popular game engines, Corona is actually a good choice if you’re just starting out on the game development industry. Vonn, our game developer, shares his experience when he just started programming for Popsicle Games.


“I was a graduate of IT (Information Technology), which means I wasn’t really well-trained to do codes for game development. However with Corona, I’ve easily grasped the codes needed to develop a game, along with my background in programming.”


Developer’s guide

We’ve established in the first bullet that Corona is a good engine for beginners, but that doesn’t end there. Their website,, offers various guides to get you started.


Having an internship program here in our studio, this pretty much works for us. Our lead developer and game developer introduces Corona to student trainees who aren’t familiar with the engine. They even have demo projects that newbies can work on!

Erick and Jed along with our interns during one of our game jams.

Corona’s developer guides not only works for the interns but for us as well. These guides are our go-to whenever we’re exploring something new, or adding a totally unfamiliar feature to our games.



As our lead developer would say, it is not the best game engine out there, but it is definitely the most accessible.

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“No long build times, takes very little resource, works well on both Mac OS and Windows — that is Corona.”



Corona uses Lua scripting language, a dev-favorite language when it comes to making games. This certain scripting language is so powerful that it has also been used by other 3rd party game engines. Corona’s versatility lies on its Lua scripting language, which you can use regardless of the programming type you want — object-oriented, procedural or data-driven — you can use Lua.

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A perfect fit

Erick further explains why Corona and Popsicle Games are an ideal match.

“I like how it (Corona) fits Popsicle Games’s direction towards making 2D games for mobile. We hardly needed 3D in the past so Corona fits our dev requirements. Of course, that will change as we slowly transition to 3D in the coming months/years.”


Totally free


Yes, totally! Back then we always choose to buy Corona’s pro edition to remove its splash screen and replace it with our studio’s logo. For advanced developers, Corona Enterprise is totally free as well.


Thanks, Appodeal!


“There were a ton of changes in Corona over the years. It used to be a paid 3rd party engine when it first came out and then it went free for a while then went back to a paid engine (albeit much cheaper) before it went free (again) when it was acquired last year by Appodeal. One thing that didn’t change for us was the support Corona has given and the helpful community who stuck around over the years. This is one of the main reasons why we chose to stick with Corona.”


-Erick Garayblas

Lead Developer (Popsicle Games)


Still not convinced with the power of Corona? Check out one of our games developed with the engine.

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