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My Life As A Game Dev Dad

“Ever since I became a father (to a wonderful 2-year-old baby girl) my world has turned upside-down so to speak.” I know that might sound cliché, but as someone who works as a home-based artist (as I needed to be at home to take care of my daughter at times) in our team here at […]


HOLD THAT LAUNCH! 6 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Hit that Publish Button

So you’ve finished that new game, congratulations! Before you think about what’s next, maybe you should first consider what to do before you actually click that “publish” button?   (Question number 1) How was your soft launch? Did you even consider soft launching first? If you’ve already done internal beta, a public soft launch will allow […]


Darkest Nightmare is Now on Closed Beta

Fight and learn what you can to survive. Welcome to your Darkest Nightmare. FEATURES: TAKE PART IN THE QUEST! Join Gerde in her mission to rebuild the Academy CREATE MAGIC SPELLS! Form runic gestures inside the magic circle to cast sorcery. CLASH WITH MONSTERS! Face kill-hungry beasts one after another. COLLECT AND REFINE! Refining lumina crystals would […]

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3 hard lessons learned while making games

I’ve been in the business of making video games for about 2 years now and it’s the kind of work that is very meaningful and satisfying. In those 2 years, I’ve found it to be the most exciting time of my life and it still continues to remain exciting. But of course I won’t claim […]

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Eating Out Your Fears

Imagine this: it’s past 11 in the evening. Both of your parents are already asleep and you are just about to go to bed. As you’re walking towards your resting place, the room lights suddenly began to flicker, slowly going on and off, on and off. A rustle from afar can be heard. What will […]


Darkest Nightmare devblog: First-person 2D

I’m back with another look at our recently-announced game, Darkest Nightmare! At the time of writing this, the game has been in development for several months now, give or take a couple of project-related detours. The 80-20 rule is in full effect here though, as a lot of the gameplay came together in the first […]