Most ninja in games are usually portrayed as violent, ruthless, and merciless. They are stereotyped as Japanese assassins ready to do anything, taking lives most of the time.

Our very own ninja, however, is not built for killing. He is rather fond of… Taking stuff!


Popsicle Games’s Klepto Ninja is known for his urge to steal things, from something edible like a sushi to something humongous like your encyclopedia collection. When he’s ready, a puff of smoke will come and Klepto Ninja will emerge out of the fumes, bringing you an object for taking. Collect hundreds of items for different rooms. You may use your whistle to immediately summon this little bandit. Getting tired of Klepto Ninja’s look? Spend a number of coins to upgrade his ninja appearance and buy him a new skin! Call on characters that bear semblance to famous ninjas in history and pop culture, such as peculiar mask-wearing youngsters, fatal assassins, and even a staple ramen ingredient!

This new mobile game is available for download on Google Play Open Beta.Keep a Klepto Ninja today! Get the game here.