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First Time Presenting At Casual Connect Asia

The first time I’ve attended Casual Connect was in 2015. This was the time that Jed and I weren’t making games yet, but we were seriously thinking about transitioning to the game dev industry. So we were pretty pumped about the event because we heard good things about it. We checked out the site and […]


5 Things that Fighting Games Taught Me

As one of the founders of Popsicle Games, I’ve made it a habit to find life lessons in all the things I do in order to improve myself. Naturally, as a fighting game fan, I was able a to pick up a couple of lessons while I was on my FGC (Fighting Game Community) journey. […]


Popsicle Games at Tokyo Game Show 2016!

We’re proud to be part of this year’s Tokyo Game Show! We’ll be showcasing 3 of our most popular games: Scratch 2 Win, Kong Want Banana and Darkest Light as well as our upcoming game, Super Daivolter Z! As an indie developer, being able to attend international gaming conventions is such a huge achievement so we’re […]

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Three lessons learned while developing our internship program

People are a company’s greatest resource. There. If you take nothing else away from this post, then at least learn that and know it to be true. During the first couple of years of our company’s operation, my friend and business partner James devoured business books by the dozen. He encouraged me to read some […]