Once again it’s time to tear off a page from our calendars and be replaced with the incoming month. Some things are coming to an end as February comes to a close but that’s not the case for Popsicle Games. The company that gives you byte-sized fun have a lot to offer to its players and supporters for the months to come.

First up on the list is the relaunching of popsiclegames.com, the game dev studio’s official website. From the simple look that the site has shown off to us for the previous year, the new website dared to add vibrant and popping colors to pull a bold and youthful vibe.


popsiclegames.com’s old website interface emphasizes on simplicity.

Aside from the usual features such as downloadable press kits, game releases, the team, and social media links, there’s a big popsicle at the end of the page where you can sign up for Popsicle’s newsletter (so you can get updates on your e-mail!). The website, which is set to launch on the 28th of February, is made to look more appealing and enticing to readers and players alike.


The website is also accessible to your mobile phones. Talk about handy!

Come late February this year, Mighty Alpha Droid literally unlocked an achievement for Popsicle Games as the game was featured in Google Play’s Early Access program, where upcoming and in-development games can be found. This milestone solidifies the good feedback that the game has been accumulating for the past months.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 1.14.02 PM copy

Word has it that we’ve been featured (for the first time) in Early Access!

Mighty Alpha Droid also soft launched for Philippine and Singapore iOS users just recently. Look forward to more game updates next month for the mightiest word game for mobile!


You know what else starts with the letter M aside from the month of March? Why, Mighty (Alpha Droid) of course!

Aside from achievements and new beginnings, Popsicle is currently working on byte-sized, free games for the months to come. Clues? We got a man in black from the land of the rising sun and a grayscale palette for the next two games. Now that’s our kind of Popsicle under the summer heat!