Month: March 2017


It’s Mr. Swipe Yo Stuff!

Most ninja in games are usually portrayed as violent, ruthless, and merciless. They are stereotyped as Japanese assassins ready to do anything, taking lives most of the time. Our very own ninja, however, is not built for killing. He is rather fond of… Taking stuff! Popsicle Games’s Klepto Ninja is known for his urge to steal […]


Time to Have a Blast with this New Word Game!

Save the planet using your vocabulary and spelling skills! Wait, what? We introduce to you Popsicle Games’s latest word game for your mobile phones — Mighty Alpha Droid!                                                       […]

pop2_trial-02 copy

The Mighty Month of March

Once again it’s time to tear off a page from our calendars and be replaced with the incoming month. Some things are coming to an end as February comes to a close but that’s not the case for Popsicle Games. The company that gives you byte-sized fun have a lot to offer to its players and supporters […]