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Popsicle Games at Tokyo Game Show 2016!

We’re proud to be part of this year’s Tokyo Game Show! We’ll be showcasing 3 of our most popular games: Scratch 2 Win, Kong Want Banana and Darkest Light as well as our upcoming game, Super Daivolter Z! As an indie developer, being able to attend international gaming conventions is such a huge achievement so we’re […]

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Three lessons learned while developing our internship program

People are a company’s greatest resource. There. If you take nothing else away from this post, then at least learn that and know it to be true. During the first couple of years of our company’s operation, my friend and business partner James devoured business books by the dozen. He encouraged me to read some […]


So who will be the next President of the USA?

You decide! Vote Clicker for the US Elections is already out and whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, here’s your chance to support your party! Or choose among the four candidates: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders, if you feel like supporting your candidate instead. The game is now available in the […]


Finding My Inner Child with Game Design

I spent one entire week of one summer vacation in the early 90s inventing Rockman (or Mega Man, if you prefer) Robot Masters and their lairs. It was the perfect solitary activity for a fledgeling video game nerd with no siblings — a boy of 7 or 8 sprawled on the cool floor on a […]


Scraaatch to Wiiiin!

Have you ever wondered if you can get rich by gambling? Now you can find out by playing our latest mobile game, Scratch 2 Win! You are given 50 coins and it’s up to you to turn that into a million, or maybe even a billion!   Scratch 2 Win lets you simulate that fantasy […]


How making video games made me happier

Before co-founding Popsicle Games, I also had another startup called Pixelkit. And in this startup, our main line of business was making mobile apps and websites for clients. Although, when we founded Pixelkit, one of the startup’s long-term goals was to make mobiles games and doing these projects for clients was just one of the […]