Month: June 2017

The first gameplay concept that I drew for Darkest Nightmare.

Conceptualizing Darkest Nightmare: From Inspirations to an Idea

There’s a Pablo Picasso sculpture (or rather, a piece of found-object art) called Bull’s Head that is basically a pair of bicycle handlebars welded onto a bicycle seat. It’s easy to recognize what it represents — you can quickly make out the shape of the head and the horns — but it’s also easy to […]


What To Do When You’re Not Playing Games

What was once a taboo and an often misunderstood hobby years ago is now being widely accepted by a lot of people of varying ages, from all walks of life. Never did I imagine five years ago that the gaming technology would boom in such a way that it would produce a closer-to-reality experience for […]

Indie Prize

First Time Presenting At Casual Connect Asia

The first time I’ve attended Casual Connect was in 2015. This was the time that Jed and I weren’t making games yet, but we were seriously thinking about transitioning to the game dev industry. So we were pretty pumped about the event because we heard good things about it. We checked out the site and […]


5 Things that Fighting Games Taught Me

As one of the founders of Popsicle Games, I’ve made it a habit to find life lessons in all the things I do in order to improve myself. Naturally, as a fighting game fan, I was able a to pick up a couple of lessons while I was on my FGC (Fighting Game Community) journey. […]