What was once a taboo and an often misunderstood hobby years ago is now being widely accepted by a lot of people of varying ages, from all walks of life. Never did I imagine five years ago that the gaming technology would boom in such a way that it would produce a closer-to-reality experience for players. Innovative creations such as portable consoles, motion control, VR systems, and even smartphones have changed the way we consume our game entertainment. Playing video games has become a trend these days that even someone totally new to the idea can easily come to terms with gaming today.

Even if you are dedicated to gaming, there are health risks associated with playing non-stop for too long. So what can you do other than playing video games? Here are some suggestions.


  • Read a book

You knew this would be on the list, didn’t you? Nowadays, game companies release merchandise such as artbooks together with the game they are promoting at the time, selling it as a bundle. There are also player handbooks that sometimes give players secret game knowledge. Read on lores, character informations, histories, and even family trees of your favorite heroes. Why not invest on materials that give you another view of the game you love?


  • Play board games and card games

Okay so board and card games are still technically under the game category, only with big differences. Most board games and card games require two or more players, making this easily a fun social activity to be played with friends or family.


  • Cosplaying and crafting

No bias here but I think more people should get into cosplaying. Got a game character you really love? Express your fan feelings through cosplay! There’s a different sense of fulfillment in making your own costumes and creating props and weapons from scratch. Just imagine putting details in that Compound Bow you created!


  • Do some physical action

Game physics isn’t always as realistic as it should be. But that doesn’t really stop us from practicing some Tekken moves, right? Why not make an exercise or sports routine based on game moves? A sample move set could go:

5 shoulder throws
10 Mario jumps
1 MK slide
15 Phoenix Wright objections

And the list goes on.

Or maybe we should just go and join American Ninja Warrior? Hm…


  • Cooking

Let’s pull off a Cooking Mama in real life! Are the recipes in the game doable in the kitchen? Go and explore! Just be sure to save the fire station number before you perform your scientific experiments.


  • Solving puzzles

Puzzles are suitable if you want to boggle your mind. Sudoku, crossword, even jigsaw puzzles are readily available on the market (and online). After all.. Who doesn’t love a good brain-teaser or two?

Here’s a real-life puzzle show that we usually watch when we’re having lunch in our studio. Will they make it? The thrill, oh the thrill!


  • Practice target shooting

A lot of video games use guns and shooting as a part of their battle systems. Why not do something different and start practicing aiming in real life? Conveniently there are facilities that offer indoor shooting range where you can do some target shooting for affordable rates. You might be surprised at how different shooting is in real life than in video games.


Stuff that you can do if you’re not playing or not really into playing video games isn’t limited to what I listed down here. Just remember to always enjoy your free time!

What do you do when you’re not playing games? Share it with us in the comments section below!