The first time I’ve attended Casual Connect was in 2015. This was the time that Jed and I weren’t making games yet, but we were seriously thinking about transitioning to the game dev industry. So we were pretty pumped about the event because we heard good things about it. We checked out the site and picked the talks that we wanted to attend, and we even devised a game plan on which talks we should prioritize and attend individually so we can get the most out of the event. It was safe to say that we learned a lot from Casual Connect and it gave us the full confidence to go and start making games.


Fast forward to 2017, I’m very proud of our team that we were able to present as Indie Prize participants in Casual Connect Asia. Like our 2015 experience, this year’s experience was a memorable one.


Being a participant this time around was great! The event and the organizers are very easy to talk to and everything was well-organized. Each Indie Prize participant, was given a table space which was pretty small but very functional for our use. Setting up was not much of a hassle as we only brought a monitor and some printed materials with us.



Our multimedia artist Abby and one of our studio’s co-founders Jed prepping up an hour before the event.


When the show floor opened, it was both exciting and nerve-wracking! People from all over the world would finally get to try Mighty Alpha Droid. All I can do now is hope that nobody would tell me in my face that our game was bad and we should stop. Thankfully, everybody who tried the game was nice and gave some meaningful feedback for us to improve on the game. All my fears were just an exaggeration of my imagination.


IMG_20170518_104607 (1)

So how do you find our game, dear sir?


As being one of the hundreds of participants of the Indie Prize, it was really interesting to see the other indie games that were on exhibit. It’s a really good way to know what’s out there and how the standards of the indies are nowadays (spoiler: it’s really high!). It was also fun meeting developers from all over the world. Talking to them about their game and their struggles as an indie game dev is very humbling.


After a whole day of talking and presenting our game to people, it can get really tiring. We usually ended the day by attending the after-partiesthat were hosted by the organizers of the event. It was a really nice way to spend some down time with everybody as the mood usually lightens and you get to know your peers in the industry. Of course the free flowing of beer always does the trick when trying to make new friends!


Overall the Casual Connect Asia experience was very good! We’re hoping to attend the other Casual Connect events that are held in other countries as the event generally gives good exposure to your studio and to your game.


Here’s a podcast that we did on how game conventions can help your indie game:


Play the game we presented at the Indie Prize showcase. We would like to know what YOU think.

We’re hoping that we can attend more events in the future and we’ll make sure to write about our experiences!