As one of the founders of Popsicle Games, I’ve made it a habit to find life lessons in all the things I do in order to improve myself. Naturally, as a fighting game fan, I was able a to pick up a couple of lessons while I was on my FGC (Fighting Game Community) journey. Here are five of them that I would like to share to everybody:


1. Don’t rely on special moves

Special moves in fighting games are usually the flashiest and most empowering things you can do in the game. I don’t blame anyone, wanting to learn and spam out those moves the first time you learn them. But it’s usually a bad idea to overly rely on them when you’re fighting an opponent. It’s usually predictable and once properly defended, it leaves you wide open that your opponent can exploit and punish you for it.


Same goes that can be said in life. Sometimes, the easiest solution to any problem is to work on the simplest solution first. Trying to over-complicate things may lead into more issues and may compound your problem into a bigger one.


2. Strengthen your fundamentals

When I was learning to play competitively with Street Fighter V, one of the tips that was given to me was to learn the fundamentals of the game. In fact the video series I was watching, dedicated seven hours of discussing the different basic mechanics of the game before getting into the more intermediate stuff.


I will use the cliche phrase: “learn to walk before you can run”, because this basically sums up this whole concept. Having a strong foundation of the basics is essential before you can move up the more complex activities / ideas. This can be applied to anything really: your work, studies, hobbies, or picking up a new skill. It’s always a good idea to start with the basics first, then work your way up as you progress.


3. Keep in control

Mashing buttons in fighting games is generally not a good strategy for winning. The more you’re just pressing random buttons, the more likely you’ll get beaten down by your opponent. The tendency to mash buttons also usually comes from desperation and panicking. I sometimes catch myself doing this and try to regain my composure by trying to think on my next moves rather than be overly reactive to my opponent.


When faced with problems or dilemmas, our natural tendency is to have an internal panic attack and just react on the situation without giving much thought. Like in fighting games, do not “mash” out and be reactive to the problem. Try to take a step back first and think about the next steps. It also helps to compartmentalize the problem and see what necessary steps that you can take to help solve it.


4. Losing is OK!

While learning how to play Street Fighter V, I lost a lot of times and I mean a lot! But that was okay! After every loss, I treat it as a learning experience and take note what I need to work on. Honestly, it could get frustrating at times, but I treat every match as a learning experience (win or lose).

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Unfortunately, the real world has conditioned us that failing in anything is not ideal. We are expected to always come out on top, regardless of the situation you’re in. I personally think that we should not fear failing, but rather, embrace it and emerge from our failures with our heads up high and by learning from our mistakes.


5. Enjoy the journey

The FGC journey is a tough but fun one! It is initially overwhelming, but once you get over the hump, the ride gets really exciting. You always try to push yourself to be better and knowing what holes in your strategy you need to cover.

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Enjoy the process on anything that you need to learn. The cliche statement: It’s the journey and not the destination really does apply here. Remember to take it slow and take in all the things you need to learn. If you feel like you’re going to burn out, nobody is going to blame you for taking a break. Life is too short to keep doing something that you don’t enjoy.


And if you’re a fighting game fan, watch us play some fighting games here in the office!


If you want to watch us play the new hotness, Tekken 7, please let us know in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Keep on playing, keep on fighting!