We decided to make our mobile word game interesting by changing a big part on how Mighty Alpha Droid is played. Introducing one of the major changes for Mighty Alpha Droid — the attack and defend system!


Press the submit button to attack!

Simply put, enemies always attack after the player finishes his/her turn. To negate the enemy’s attack, you need to submit a word powerful enough to protect you from the damage dealt by the foe — hence, the attack and defend system.

ezgif.com-crop (1)

Now protect yourself!

Notice that the aggro meter has been totally removed from the gameplay mechanics to give way for this new mechanic. In its place are the blue ATTACK and red DEFEND markers which appear simultaneously to show when and how to strike. All of us agreed to the idea of this new system to make it more interesting for players to progress through the tower’s levels. MAD gamers will learn to come up with strategies and play with the power-ups available in the shop.


The aggro meter in one of our earlier builds

rsz_screenshot_2017-04-25-16-36-14 copy

The aggro meter has gone missing! In its place are these new attack and defend markers.

We worked on these changes from March until the first week of May. Our main objective was to improve the game overall. What do you think about Mighty Alpha Droid’s new game system?