Imagine this: it’s past 11 in the evening. Both of your parents are already asleep and you are just about to go to bed. As you’re walking towards your resting place, the room lights suddenly began to flicker, slowly going on and off, on and off. A rustle from afar can be heard. What will you do? Are you brave enough to take a look? Or are you going to run immediately towards your bed, hide under a blanket, and try to sleep it all off?

This was what exactly happened to me some nights ago. I wouldn’t call it a horror story. For all we know, the failure of lights might be due to a scheduled power maintenance. The rustling sound could have been a flying cockroach. I’ll never know, because I chose to do the latter. Yes — admittedly I am a scaredy cat.

I know some people would have all the courage to find out the strange things that happens from time to time. I mean, they’re just fearless like that. In the abovementioned situation I know some of my friends would dare go into the darkness just to investigate what exactly caused the power failure and the sound. I can’t even venture into the dusk without panicking in five seconds. (3)

All beings have something they fear of. In my case I’m afraid of darkness, oh horror, of jumpscares — all the creepy stuff. In a way you could pretty much say I and the boy in one of our games, Darkest Light, are of the same fear category.

Aside from the unimaginable monsters lurking in the dark, the thing that the boy fears the most are the terrifying sounds of thunder partnered with multiple strikes of lightning. What I found ironic is that this fear of his is the one keeping him alive. The flashes of lightning serve as his only weapon against creatures of the dark and yet these are the ones that add up to his anxiety. (6)

Is it just like that in real life? The things that we fear the most are, in reality, the ones that are keeping us alive. Instead of our fears eating us out, it’s actually us eating out our fears. Because I am afraid to go to places that are dark and scary, I am motivated to shy away from shady areas at night. Because the boy in Darkest Light is in an alone and frightened state, he is motivated by his fear of thunder and lightning to struggle to get home as soon as possible, just to get everything over with. (5)

I still haven’t finished playing Darkest Light because it’s too darn difficult (but overall a great game) but I have to say that I really admire the main character, the boy in Darkest Light. He did a great job enduring the things that he’s afraid of the most. I hope sooner or later I would be able to summon every bit of courage that I have, look back and be brave enough to see the things lurking in the dark.