For a start-up company and an indie game dev studio like Popsicle Games, having our game played by a lot of people and receiving positive and negative feedback is something that fills our hearts with joy and pride. The development process does not end once a game has been published, for there will always be room for improvements. In Mighty Alpha Droid‘s case, there’s still a large space waiting to be refined.

Released just December last year, the mightiest word game for mobile has received a lot of good criticisms from the public eye. Most of the comments we acquired claim to really like Mighty Alpha Droid, saying it’s a great game for kids and also for improving spelling and vocabulary.

With this in mind, we decided to apply some changes to MAD to make the game more interesting and challenging to new and returning players. Read on as I give you a tour on the modifications that we did for Mighty Alpha Droid!

First off, we conducted Google Play experiments to determine which icon would entice more users to download our game. After all, the app icon is the first visual piece a player sees in the store. Personally I believe that an icon should grab your attention, at the same time it should also summarize everything the game has to offer its players.

As a team, we decided to put up a new icon for Mighty Alpha Droid to better communicate the gameplay of MAD as a word game players. “This was due to the feedback we got where most players who downloaded the game felt they were deceived by the look of the game thinking it would be a 2D platformer game in the same vein as Megaman, only to find out it’s a word game,” Martin revealed.

Martin added more Scrabble-like elements to the proposed app icons such as letter tiles, ABC’s, and even the word “WORD” to emphasize that the application has something to do with words. We fused Scrabble and action-adventure genre through our new app icons to let potential players know that the game we offer is so much more than the usual word games out in the market.

From Chip to Mighty Alpha Droid: An evolution of our game icons

From Chip to Mighty Alpha Droid: An evolution of our game icons

We changed the game icon for a couple of times until we came up with our current logo. The background consists of blue letter tiles of one of our co-founder’s name on it (can you guess who?). On top of the tiles is a running Mighty Alpha Droid to give a sense of action in the logo. Martin tilted the tiles diagonally to show more letters and to make players feel that the game is less “formal-looking,” conveying the idea that MAD is a more loose and fun word game. “The design was warmly received and validated via the store experiments during our early access days, so we stuck with the final design.”

Upon opening the game you’ll notice a new look for our text logo. Our concept lead wanted to let out a fun vibe to the text logo so Martin used rounded, bold texts for the words “Alpha Droid” and a futuristic, techy peg for “Mighty.” One thing we should note here is that the original title for our word game was actually “THE Mighty Alpha Droid.” “The” was dropped out from the title mostly due to how the game would be abbreviated (TMAD).

We kept on improving the text logo for our word game, with some elements retained and some were removed from every revision.


Logo evolution: Mighty Alpha Droid text logo throughout different builds

The text logo’s final look was based on a feedback our studio received during a convention, where one player had a difficult time reading the text logo due to heavy rendering. So Martin decided to simplify the graphics.  We enclosed the word “Mighty” into separate Scrabble tiles to emphasize the genre of our game, which is word game. The words “Alpha Droid” are still in a gradient of orange and yellow but this time we made it flat-looking, removed the small gears in the letters P and R, and put a huge rotating cog in place of the letter O in “Droid.” The red triangle at the back of the texts is a small homage to Megaman/Rockman’s logo. If you google Rockman (the Japanese version of Megaman) logo, you can see the red triangle behind the logo. Lastly, Martin stacked and aligned the words “Mighty,” “Alpha,” and “Droid” on top of each other to make it larger in-game, making it more readable to players.

Our logo is not the only thing that will catch your attention from the title screen. While we have improved the visuals of our game, we also thought of improving Mighty Alpha Droid aurally. We changed the “annoying” background music, as some of our beta-testers on Google Play have commented on their feedback. This was done with the help of one of our interns, France. The music changes when you get to the boss fights, so make sure to get through to the end of the stages!

Download Mighty Alpha Droid now to see our visual updates. The game is available for Android and iOS.