On the first two parts of our devblog we have discussed about visual design changes and some usability improvements. Now we are introducing new members of the MAD family, starting with this lovable babe.

Chop the Piggy Bank

Introducing Chop the Piggy Bank!

Chop the Piggy Bank is your friend when it comes to coin matters. This little piggy went to the enemy tower just to help you fight evil bosses… in a financial way. Chop stores the coins you acquire from the game. We made Chop get a percentage from the game’s prize pool, another new feature we added. The coins you receive are stored inside this pig. It’s up to the player to decide on when he/she will use Chop’s help. We do advise to keep track of the money in your prize pool to make the most out of Chop’s aid.

Got the word but not the letter you’re looking for? Fret not! Joining Mighty Alpha Droid is Mr. Letterman!

Mr. Letterman

Introducing Mr. Letterman!

We all know the struggle of thinking up of a word from a given set of letters. Our hands begin to move on their own to type the word we came up with only to find out that the letter to complete the word is not present! This is where Mr. Letterman comes to the rescue. He acts as an emergency airdrop for players who are really in a pinch.

Studies for our emergency drop character, as drawn by our multimedia artist Abby

Studies for our emergency drop character, as drawn by our multimedia artist Abby

Mr. Letterman replaced the two unlockable extra letter tile slots from our previous builds. We came to a resolution to remove the letter tile slots based on our player’s statistics, since only a few people buy the slots from our findings.


Mr. Letterman in action

Remember to use Mr. Letterman wisely, as he has a tendency to be sleepy after you ask for his help. He wakes up after every five minutes, ready to be of assistance again!

Meet your newest companions. Install Mighty Alpha Droid on your mobile phones and start bonding with them!